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The international Cultural Centre is a national institution of culture, active in the fields of research, education, publishing and exhibitions. It pursues its mission of public diplomacy by facilitating international cultural dialogue, taking Central Europe as the point of departure for its action and thought on heritage. more :

The city as a mirror of civilisation, a laboratory of creativity and a catalyst of change is written into ICC’s strategy as one of the main areas of interest. On the one hand, it is treated as a lens that concentrates the most burning problems of modernity. On the other hand, as a mirror of civilisation, its achievements and memories, as well as a special expression of the European cultural heritage. This broad perspective allows the ICC to be, on a European scale, a unique centre of interdisciplinary studies and practices dedicated to the phenomenon of a city. Research and publishing projects are devoted to these topics, along with exhibitions and education.
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The most important ICC projects and publications about the topic of the city from recent years

1. Krakow and Nuremberg in European Civilisation (versions in two languages) 2. Krakow and Lviv in European Civilisation (versions in two languages)
3. Krakow and Saint Petersburg (Russian version) 4. Florence and Krakow towards heritage
5. Memory, choice, identity. Essays on the city (collective work) 6. Cracow in the European Core Jacek Purchla (versions in five languages)
7. Galicia's Third City. Stanislavov and Its Architecture in the Time of the Galician Autonomy Żanna Komar 8. Lviv: Interpreting the City Anew Katarzyna Kotyńska
9. HERITO, no 22-23: The City as a Work of Art 10. HERITO, no. 3: The city and the museum
11. Kazimierz. The Central European Experience of Urban Regeneration

Kraków and the world conference 30–31.05.2016
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The 3rd Heritage Forum of Central Europe. The City 16–18.09.2015
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The activities of the International Culture Centre focus on the multidimensional approach to cultural heritage. Our interests include: the achievements of the European civilisation, multiculturalism of Central Europe, identity and memory, dialogue between cultures and societies, protection of monuments, cultural policy, the phenomenon of the historic city, as well as the genesis and development of modern art.

The House under the Ravens, which is the seat of the International Culture Centre is located in the heart of Krakow, Main Market Square (Rynek Główny) 25. Over the centuries, the building underwent numerous stylistic transformations. It has also been greatly expanded in relation to its original medieval size. Today, the headquarters are made up of the front building, the annexe, as well as the covered courtyard. The aim of the maintenance and modernisation works of the House under the Ravens undertaken by the ICC in the 1990s was to adapt the building in terms of functionality and aesthetics to ICC’s functions: implementation of research programmes, organising of exhibitions, conferences and activities related to promotion, information and image in terms of cultural heritage.